Tap the Reward$ Wizard Icon -

  1. Enter your Purchase Amount
  2. Choose the Purchase Type 
  3. TAP Done and Calculate


Reward$ Wizard displays the best possible rewards option for your purchase.

You can choose from Points/Miles OR Cash Back, just toggle to sort the results.

The display provides a graphical picture for quick and easy comparison in your hand.

Simple to Update:

 REWards wizard: HOW IT WORKS


The Rewards Wizard App allows you to store your credit card program information - NOT YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBERS OR FINANCIAL INFORMATION - your personal and credit card information is SAFE and is not used in this application, giving you peace of mind.

NO MORE GUESSING....This easy to manage app allows you to keep your credit card reward options at your fingertips. Never again will you miss an opportunity to earn miles/points for your next dream vacation or choose cash back to spend as you please, YOU DECIDE.

Patent Pending. 

Rewards Wizard a product of Bright Brain Innovations, LLC  

Validation of all listed credit card program rates should be maintained by the customer to ensure the most accurate results, due to individual negotiations and agreements between the cardholder and credit card company. 

  • Pick your credit card from the pre loaded list
  • Check the rates by purchase type to ensure you are getting your proper rewards.
  • The data is stored in My Cards so you can update new cards and rewards offered as needed. ​
  • You can then use the app on your device with or without connection to the internet.

Add any Credit Card to Rewards Wizard....

  • Add Custom Card allows you to create a credit card of your choosing
  • Name your card, set the rates, and tap Done
  • Reward Wizard will handle the calculating when you use the app on your next purchase

Personalized Rewards

Get the most from your rewards card programs

Download, Set Up, and Use the Rewards Wizard App in just minutes.......

Calculating your rewards made easy.

Easy to Use:


Get the Rewards Wizard app and always know which card in your wallet gives you the most rewards for the purchase you are about to make.